Today’s News Updates – 30.January.2015

GS paper I

‘Sharp rise in heat waves in urban areas’ – Ques. “The world’s cities and towns have seen a sharp rise in heat waves they experience while cold snaps have become more infrequent” In the context of above statement critically analyze why urban areas traps more heat as compared to surrounding rural areas in India.

GS paper II

Govt. ‘technically correct’ in replacing Foreign Secretary – Ques. While analyzing the provisions of Fundamental Rule 56(d), discuss whether decision of leaving office after reaching the retirement age should rest with the person or he/she may be dismissed anytime after 60th year at the government’s discretion.

GS paper III

Banks free to decide NPA norms, says Supreme Court – Ques. What do you mean by non-performing assets (NPA)? Discuss how declaring bad loans as “non-performing assets” by banks could have a positive impact on the financial health of the country.


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