Today’s News Updates – 4.March.2015

GS paper I

Deforestation hits monsoon rains, says study – Ques. “Widespread global deforestation especially in the northern high latitudes has resulted an 18 per cent reduction in India’s summer monsoon rains. On the other hand, the deforestation led to moderately increased rains over South Africa, South America and Australia in the southern hemisphere.”, Critically examine.

Cattle slaughter, in varying degrees – Ques. “Ban on killing the animals such as cow, will increase the productivity of farms”, Should cow & cattle slaughtering be banned in India? Express your opinion in this regard. Also analyse the present status of  cow & cattle slaughter practices in different states of India.

GS paper II

Kurien reserves ruling on whether Bills pending in RS can be taken up in LS – Ques. “Rajya Sabha could either pass the Bills that were the “property’’ of the House or reject them, but the same Bills could not be brought in the other House while they were pending decision”, Highlight the provisions mentioned by the Indian constitution in this regard.

GS paper III

Akrama-Sakrama scheme is finally on – Ques. Write a brief note on ‘Akrama-Sakrama’ scheme.

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