Today’s News Updates – 6.November.2014

GS paper II

India, Russia agree on free trade negotiations – Ques. Critically comment on Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India & Russia focusing largely on boosting economic cooperation.

GS paper III

Indian growth cannot be FDI-driven: Muralidhar Rao – Ques. “Creating more job opportunities is priority but we have to reduce trade imbalances to make the country self-reliant and powerful”, Discuss.

Indian growth cannot be FDI-driven: Muralidhar Rao – Ques. “The Make in India campaign is not exclusive of foreign investment, but it is not driven by foreign capital”, Elucidate.

Greater market access sought for Indian products – Ques. “Greater market access in the developed countries for Indian pharmaceutical, automotive, textile and value-added farm products would boost India’s economy to a great extent”, Critically comment.

Plan to curb frivolous newspaper registrations – Ques. “‘Press in India’ presented a model example of press freedom to democracies across the world”, while critically analyzing the given statement describe the measures adopted by the government of India to curb frivolous newspaper registrations in the country thereby ensuring transparency in its functioning of the print industry.

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