Today’s News Updates – 7.March.2015

GS paper I

Modi to unveil plaque of Jaffna cultural centre – Ques. “The undisputed melting pot of Buddhism, Bodhgaya was where Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment beneath a bodhi tree and became Buddha 2600 years ago.” Highlight the role of Bodh gaya in context with Indian history.

Modi to unveil plaque of Jaffna cultural centre – Ques. Write a short note on ‘Jaffna culture’.

Now, free meals for farmers visiting APMCs – Ques. What are Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees (APMC)? Analyze its importance for Indian farmers.  What are the further issues faced by farmers in this context?

GS paper III

Kejriwal undergoes nature cure therapy – Ques. Write a brief note on the importance and effectiveness of nature cure therapy such as yoga, pranayams, etc,  for prevention of various disease in the present scenario.


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