Today’s News Updates – 8.March.2015

GS paper I

Census records increase in wildlife at Point Calimere – Ques. “There has been recorded an increase in wildlife census when compared to last year in some regions of India”, Critically analyse the measures adopted by the government to save wildlife. Also describe further challenges faced by the forest department in this context.

GS paper II

‘Fishermen issue: question of livelihoods’ – Ques. “There is a need to recognise the humanitarian dimension to the fishermen issue which is essentially a question of livelihoods” Critically examine the hurdles faced by Indian fishermen as well as describe its reasons. Highlight the steps taken by the government of India to address this issue.

Bar Council notice to rape convict’s lawyers – Ques. Critically analyse the role and objectives of Bar Council of India, Highlight its features and structure.

GS paper III

24×7 drug store in three months – Ques. What are generic drugs? How generic drugs are different from brand name drugs? Describe the benefits and uses of generic drugs?


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