UPSC Mains Special 2015 (Worksheets)

This section is exclusively designed for preparation of Indian Civil Services Main Examination. Here you are being provided worksheets for answer writing practice. These worksheets are prepared on UPSC pattern which is absolutely free of cost. Download and use them to improve your writing skills.

How to use these worksheets?

  • We recommend you to print these worksheets, write the answers in your own handwriting, scan the sheets and and upload it on our website for reviews and sharing knowledge.
  • For printing purpose use pdf format.
  • Those who could not print or scan due any reason may use them in .doc format as a word document.
  • To upload click hereUPLOAD

Please Note: Do not upload your personal details (for instance you email id) publicly on our website.

Read our answer writing strategy here - UPSC Mains Answer Writing Strategy

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14 thoughts on “UPSC Mains Special 2015 (Worksheets)

  • Ankur Loonia

    Ye hui naa baat.
    I was speculating how would you go for the mains part, and you came up with this awesome idea. Thanks.

  • krishnendu12das

    thanks sir , the way you give questions corresponding to news articles, i was wondering if there were something which would help us practice answer writing for mains and here is it !

    it would also be very useful if you could give some guidelines on how to approach any question , i mean how to start an answer what to focus on.

    and if possible please provide some guidelines and practise material for writing essay , i am really afraid of this part.

  • lakshmitejeshwar

    Really appreciatable sir, thank you for providing test series.
    Will the paper be ruled or unruled.
    I always have the fear of writing answers, worry more about my vocab and also on my writing skills kindly provide me some good ideas to improve my skills and also to get rid off the fear of writing. I seriously want to take up 2015 examination

  • Vaibhav Jindal

    Blessing to you all. . :)
    With all your personal attention,
    And Valuable content.

    Soon you will cater thousand lovers like us.

    Be prepared.

  • jack

    you guys are doing a great job. God bless you guys. you guys are like life saviors for people like me who can have access to proper coaching or guidance because of some issues.BTW are you guys going to continue the worksheet program for mains 2015??


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