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Today’s News Updates – 17.November.2014

GS paper I “Learn from Gandhiji’s teachings” – Ques. “Countries are grappling with two major challenges — terrorism and global warming, If we look at Gandhiji’s life and his teachings, then we will be able to find solutions to the problems that the world faces today”, Elucidate. GS paper II India-EU civil nuclear deal likely in a year – Ques. “India is likely to to sign a civil nuclear cooperation agreement  with the European Union which focus on areas of research and energy”, Discuss. Swachh Bharat leaves Continue reading →

Launch of the Swachhta Udyami Yojna

Question for Mains - Q1. Describe the aims & objectives of “Swachhta Udyami Yojana”. Discuss how the scheme could contribute towards improving the socio-economic status of the Safai Karamcharis and liberated Manual Scavengers. Q2. “Swachhta Udyami Yojana with twin objective of cleanliness and providing livelihood to Safai Karamcharis would become an important instrument for implementation of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, Elucidate. Q3. Analyze the role could be played by Public Private Partnership (PPP) model towards making “Swachhta Udyami Yojana” & “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” a success. Continue reading →

Message to the Nation from the President on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti

In his message the President has said, “The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation, is an occasion for all of us to rededicate ourselves to Bapuji’s ideals of truth, non-violence and all-round development. Gandhiji’s leadership inspired millions to unite in the cause of freedom and independence. He also taught us to stand resolutely against fear, to understand the importance of truth and to work for the betterment of our motherland. Gandhiji believed that “cleanliness is next only to Godliness” Every road, every Continue reading →