The Hindu analysis – 24.December.2016

NITI Aayog rolls out health index

The government think tank NITI Aayog rolled out a ‘Performance on Health Outcomes’ index that will rank various States on the basis of their performance on measurable health indicators. The index is meant to capture the annual incremental improvements by States, rather than focus on historical achievements. This initiative is envisioned to bring about the much required improvements in social sector outcomes, which have not kept pace with the economic growth in this country. It will be used to propel action in the States to improve health outcomes and improve data collection systems.

The health index will assist in State-level monitoring of performance, serve as an input for providing performance-based incentives and improvement in health outcomes. It includes indicators in the domains of health outcomes governance and information and a few key inputs and processes.


Now CBSE to hold a test for school principals

According to the new amendment in the CBSE’s affiliation by-laws the Board has decided to conduct the Principal Eligibility Test (PET) for aspiring teachers to become principal and for existing principals, who fulfil the minimum qualifications of Principal of private schools. However, it does not apply to government schools. Thus, no candidate rejected by the CBSE or State government representatives can be appointed as principal.


Ebola vaccine may be ‘up to 100% effective’: WHO

In a major clinical trial, nearly 6,000 people in Guinea were given the test vaccine for Ebola disease last year. Not one of the 6,000 contracted the disease. According to WHO, this vaccine for Ebola may be “up to 100 per cent effective” in protecting against the deadly virus.  If all goes well, the vaccine could become available in 2018 under a fast-track approval process.


Myanmar farmers reap rewards from 3D printing

In an industrial park south of Myanmar’s commercial hub, the advanced cutting-edge 3D printer technology is now being used to design bespoke parts that are changing the lives of impoverished farmers. Technology is being used to design specially adapted tools, in consultation with the farmers who use them.



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