24 August 2015

Setback to anti-terror agenda  –  (Security)

·         India would have handed over a list of 54 fugitives, up from 50 handed over in 2012.

·         Investigations in the 26/11 case. India sent many reminders to execute the letter rogatory sent to it in 2011. This includes e-mails and telephone logs of the accused.

Ranil hopeful of political solution to Tamil question  –   (International Relations)


·         On a ‘unitary’ versus ‘federal’ solution: The formula which was accepted by India… let’s see how we work it out within the 13th Amendment, maximize it.

·         On issues to be resolved: The employment issue, restoring democracy, national unity, free education, health.



Tiger reserve in limbo  –   (Environment)

·         Three years after it was notified a tiger reserve, Kawal is yet to start functioning like one.

·         Wildlife activists aver the reserve may not serve the big cat in its present form as the Telangana State has failed to administer it as per stipulated guidelines.

Helping fishermen know the behaviour of the sea, fishing zones  –   (Environment)


·         Fishermen putting out to sea from any of the coastal States in India will soon be equipped with precise information on the weather, the state of the sea, and potential fishing zones.

·         The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) is gearing up to augment its network of wave buoys and tide gauges for ocean forecast and climate studies.



A reductive reading of Santhara  –   (Social Issues)

·         The judgment, on the age-old practice on Santhara, has made brief and superficial attempts to make a differentiation between Santhara and euthanasia, sati and suicide. In this abortive act of comparative sociology, the ritual dignity of Santhara has been lost.

·         Santhara is a ritual act of purification which follows the most detailed of procedures. It cannot be an impulsive act or an egoistic one.

The Korean conundrum  –   (International Relations)


·         The Korean Peninsula is no stranger to tensions. But the ultimatum given by North Korea to the South to either stop its propaganda broadcasts across the demilitarised zone (DMZ) or face war has raised them to their highest level in many years.



Sushma Swaraj Egypt visit: Focus on civilisational, trade ties  –   (International Relations)

·         Revival of civilisational ties and trade will dominate discussions, but India and Egypt are also likely to focus on terror — a common concern — when External Affairs Minister SushmaSwaraj arrives in Cairo on Monday for a two-day visit.

Death for kidnapping for ransom not outrageous: SC  –    (Indian Polity)


·         The rising number of kidnapping and abduction for ransom not only by ordinary criminals but even by terrorists necessitate a stringent punishment for those indulging in them, the Supreme Court has said while upholding the death sentence for the crime under section 364A of the Indian Penal Code.



Italian navy rescues a record 4,400 migrants off Libya coast   –   (International Relations)

·         Italy’s coast guard says it coordinated the rescue of some 4,400 migrants in a single day, a record-setting number, as smugglers took advantage of ideal sea conditions off Libya to launch a fleet of overcrowded, unseaworthy boats.

Exchange rate to determine corporate profitability  –   (Economics)


·         Bandhan Bank, which won a universal banking licence from RBI, is West Bengal’s first new bank since independence.

·         One third of its branches would be in rural areas.



Corporate tax sops to be phased out, says ArunJaitley   –   (Economics)

·         While assuring industry that he would keep his budgetary promise of reducing corporate tax rates, Union Finance Minister ArunJaitley said here on Sunday that the road map for process of withdrawing exemptions is being readied.

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