Soil Health Card scheme

Ques. Critically analyse the need and concept of ‘Soil Health Card scheme’ towards boosting agriculture sector. Also describe its benefits for farmers of India.

PM launched ‘Soil Health Card scheme’, for focusing attention on the health of soil in agricultural areas across the country, to boost productivity and bring about increased prosperity. agriculture as the key to poverty eradication. In order to achieve land that is truly “Sujalam, Suphalam,” it is necessary to nurture the soil. The soil health card scheme is a step towards fulfilling this dream.

Soil Health card will not only contain details of soil fertility but will also provide fertilizer recommendation.

In  the absence of knowledge about soil health and adequate fertilizer recommendations, farmers often adopt excessive use of nitrogen which not only deteriorates the quality of agricultural products but also enhances nitrate content in ground water and creates several environmental problems. Hence farmers must have correct information about the health of their soil.


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