Today’ News Updates – 13.January.2015

GS paper II

‘I’m using my position to empower the downtrodden, marginalised sections’ – Ques. “Socio-educational and economic survey of communities in various States helps in determining social, political, economic and educational status of each community along with its numerical strength so that welfare programmes could better be designed”, while critically analyzing the given statement describe the importance of conducting surveys by the government. What should be the role of people of various communities in this context?

High Court: book engineers for badly maintained footpaths – Ques. Highlight the issue of increasing number of deaths due to poor conditions of footpaths and uncovered drains across the country. Describe the immediate steps required by the government to address the same.

GS paper III

A festival adds to the woes of Sagar – Ques. “On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, unaware of the festival’s environmental impact, lakhs of devotees descend on the Sagar Island in the Sunderbans archipelago of West Bengal to take a holy dip in the confluence of the Hooghly river and the Bay of Bengal”, Discuss.

Centre keen to bring in non-adversarial taxation – Ques. While analyzing India’s taxation policy critically  comment on the government’s decision to to bring in “perfectly non-adversarial taxation”. what would be its likely implications?


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