Today’s News Updates – 1.November.2014

GS paper I

Ideology should not divide history: Modi – Ques. “Sardar Patel’s life was a journey of service to the motherland and he was truly the architect of modern India”, while analysing the given statement describe Sardar Patel’s contribution towards shaping modern India.

GS paper II

Electricity yet to reach this village – Ques. Highlight the challenges being faced by the people living in villages on the hilly areas due to ignorance by the government and other geographical factors. Suggest measures.

Fadnavis promises transparency – Ques. Critically analyze what necessary steps should be taken by the government to bring a “transparent” and “efficient” system of governance. Also discuss the role played by Anti-Corruption Bureau in this context.

SAARC Delhi Declaration pushes for better education – Ques. Discuss the key areas which needs to be emphasized to ensure better education system in India.

GS paper III

Recalibrating India’s foreign policy – Ques. “The recent government a power is changing the emphasis of India’s foreign and national security policies”, while analyzing the given statement evaluate the changes being adopted by the government. Also examine what could be the implications of these changes.

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