Today’s News Updates – 1.october.2014

GS paper I

Orwell museum or satyagraha park first?                        – Ques. Critically analyze George Orwell’s contribution against injustice by attacking totalitarianism, fascism and imperialism through his writings.

50 per cent decline in population of 3,000 species         – Ques. Examine the cause of decline in wildlife populations since few decades. what measures should be adopted by the government of India to deal with the issue.

 GS paper II

Modi, Obama commit to working together                        – Ques. “‘forward together we go,’ the central theme, a comprehensive vision statement is a realistic appraisal of the India-US relationship”, While critically analyzing the given statement describe India-US ties in the present senario. What are the hurdles in their joint commitment?

Modi’s first radio interaction on October 3                        – Ques. Critically comment on the establishment of an open forum on “My Gov”, towards connecting the citizens with the government.



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