Today’s News Updates – 17.october.2014

GS Paper II

Strategy to clamp down on illegal religious structures – Ques. Examine the challenges in front of the government in context with the demolition of illegal religious structures in our country.

Govt. may set up panel on legalising prostitution        – Ques. Express your opinion in context with, whether prostitution should be legalised or not?

GS Paper III

PM rolls out labour reforms                    – Ques. Critically comment on recently initiated Labour Reforms by the new government in India. What is the importance of these reforms in context with preserving labour’s dignity and boosting India’s economy.

New team to steer economy                    – Ques. “For any economy like India, the two big things are macroeconomic stability and creating conditions for rapid investment and growth”, While critically analyzing the given statement describe India’s status in this context as compared to other world economies. Also analyze the role played by the government towards boosting India’s economy since independence.

CM ticks off private telecom companies         – Ques. Discuss the role of telecom companies towards connecting rural and urban as well as disaster hit areas with the government.


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