Today’s News Updates – 20.January.2015

GS paper II

HC cautions against misuse of sedition charges – Ques. “Section 124A the Indian Penal Code should not scare away people in a democracy from exercising their right to freedom of expression and speech”, Critically comment.

Naidu showers sops on budding software developers – Ques. Critically comment on the government’s proposal to introduce student-driven courses in the near future as against the existing college-driven courses. What would be its likely implications?

GS paper III

Centre will take steps to push public investment: Jaitley – Ques. Critically analyze the measures and steps could be under taken by the central government to push public investment for driving economic growth within the constraints posed by the fiscal deficit in the country.

‘Plastic carry bags, flexes will be banned’ – Ques. Discuss about the hazardous impact of use of flexes and plastic bags. What measures have been adopted by the government to address this issue?

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