Today’s News Updates – 22.october.2014

GS paper I

The craft of survival – Ques. “Handlooms can be the fabric of the future but government policy kills handlooms through malign neglect”, Critically comment.

GS paper II

Food Security Act rollout may be delayed – Ques. Examine the efficiency of Food and Civil Supplies Department and public distribution system towards proper implementation of Food Security Act.

Pre-primary education in tribal language – Ques. Analyze the importance of pre-primary education in languages of different tribal ethnic groups in the tribal areas.

GS paper III

Unspoken truth of Indian elections – Ques. Critically analyze the role of election commission to ensure that elections are free and fair across the nation.

Jaitley puts in place spending reforms – Ques. Discuss about the reforms recommended in context with state spending, by Bimal Jalan Panel set by the government.

Jaitley puts in place spending reforms – Ques. Discuss how devaluation and decentralisation of more financial powers to ministries could lift India’s GDP growth.

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