Today’s News Updates – 23.November.2014

GS paper I

Nehru favoured state control over resources: Irfan Habib – Ques. “Jawahar Lal Nehru favoured  state control over resources”, comment.

GS paper III

Contractors to be accountable for upkeep of rural roads – Ques. Describe the measure adopted by the government to strengthen the rural road network, a gateway connecting villages to districts across the nation.

National Biodiversity Museum to come up in Hyderabad – Ques. Describe the steps taken by the government towards creating awareness among people on the importance of conservation of biological diversity and genetic integrity of plants & animals.

‘Govt. has no moral right to seek repayment of farm loans’ – Ques. Highlight the issue of deepening agrarian crisis grilling Indian farmers. Analyze the steps taken by the government to safeguard farmers’ interests and help them come out of such crisis.

‘Govt. has no moral right to seek repayment of farm loans’ – Ques. Critically examine the role played by the government and its efficiency towards dealing with agrarian crisis in the country since independence.What are the hurdles and challenges while combating with these crises?

Now, e-cigarettes can harm your computer – Ques. what do you mean by ‘e-cigarettes’? Describe its uses. Also evaluate the limitations and drawback of using e-cigarettes.



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