Today’s News Updates – 26.January.2015

GS paper II

‘Don’t enact laws without discussion’ – Ques. “Enacting laws without discussion impacts Parliament’s law-making role and “breaches the trust” reposed in it by people. Legislature is the platform where progressive legislation using civilised dialogue must create delivery mechanisms for realising the aspirations of the people”, Discuss.

India, U.S. ties a special one: Pranab – Ques. Write a brief note on India-US bilateral relationship.

India’s foreign policy at the crossroads – Ques. Critically comment on the foreign policy adopted by the government of India for its economic growth.

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One thought on “Today’s News Updates – 26.January.2015

  • abhi

    sir, being a regular user of, i want to give a suggestion to u; don’t take in wrong, but standard of your framed questions are far below than what UPSC asks?

    kindly, frame questions which not matches but surpass the limits of UPSC… the more difficulty we face in understanding the questions, the more comfortable we will b in the examination hall..
    gud day !!!


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