Today’s News Updates – 3.February.2015

GS paper II

Russia, China back India’s inclusion in expanded APEC – Ques. “APEC’s track record shows it has the potential to boost trade and investment”, In context with the given statement discuss what would be the likely implications of India’s inclusion in an expanded Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) on government’s ‘Make in India’ Initiative.

Dalit IAS, IPS officers neglected: PT – Ques. “In context with appointment to important posts, there is a negligence towards IAS and IPS officers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in some States of India” Do you agree with this statement? If yes, What should be the approach of the central government to tackle the issue.

GS paper III

40-45% swine flu victims youngsters – Ques. “Drug resistance could be the one reason why despite administering anti-viral drugs, the young patients simply did not respond to the treatment and died in India”, Critically comment.

Decrepit buildings pose danger – Ques. “Old and dilapidated buildings in the various districts posses threat over life of public and a great challenge for the government”, Suggest measures to overcome the challenge.

Rural job scheme facing funds crunch – Ques. “Evidence from independent research studies have shown that the MGNREGA has successfully curbed distress migration, had large effects on consumption and poverty of Dalit and Adivasi households, increased nutritional standards of households, provided risk resilience to small and marginal farmers and vastly expanded the financial inclusion net in the country” , Inspite of positive outcomes of MGNREGA, there has been a 16 per cent decline in employment from the 2013-14 figure under MGNREGA scheme, Critically analyze the causes of such decline in employment.


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