Today’s News Updates – 30.December.2014

GS paper II

Separate intelligence information cadre will be formed – Ques. Discuss the objectives and importance of State intelligence division in various states of the country. Highlight government’s initiatives to strengthen them.

Modi wants norms for Smart Cities – Ques. “Improving the quality of urban governance would lead to greater strength to the overall governance of the country”, while critically analyzing the given statement describe government’s major recent initiatives in this context.

Adivasis, Bodos desperate to return home – Ques. Critically comment on government’s negligence towards ensuring security to life and property to displaced Adivasis and Bodos in this border settlement of Assam.

GS paper III

‘Pro-farmer’ amendments: Modi – Ques. Amending the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (LARR) Act, 2013 will meet twin objectives of farmer welfare, along with expeditiously meeting strategic and developmental needs of the country, Elucidate.

Develop the east like the west: Modi – Ques. “There is a need to reform manufacturing strategy to ensure that the east, which is rich in natural resources, is developed as the western part of the country, which is a hub for major industries. Balancing both will boost manufacturing sector in particular and India’s economy in general”, Critically discuss.

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