Today’s News Updates – 30.september.2014

GS paper II

  1. Cleanliness drive won’t be a one-day affair: Railway official                  – Ques1. Critically analyse the the steps should be taken by the government for proper implementation of Clean India Campaign and creating its awareness among the general public.
  2. Conviction by trial courts on moral grounds has become a fashion: HC  – Ques2. Describe the limitations and loop holes being witness in recent years in the functioning and judgements by trial court. What measure are needed to ensure fair judgement strictly in accordance with the principles and provisions of law by the judges.
  3. Better transport                                – Ques3. Discuss the role of National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (Natpac) towards ensuring better transportation facilities across the nation.
  4. Obama urged to raise religious tolerance issue            – Ques4. “According to International Religious Freedom’s 2014 Annual Report, In the past year, reports of incidents of communal and religiously motivated violence in India increased”, while considering the given statement analyse positive steps the government can take to reinforce human rights and religious freedoms by preventing oppression and encouraging religious inclusion.

GS paper III

  1. Google partners with State to develop Telugu internet                              – Ques1. Examine the importance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India. What initiatives must be under taken to achieve complete digitalisation and internet literacy. Describe its implications.
  2. Corporation to clear loans of farmers                                        – Ques2. Discuss the role played by the government towards providing debt relief to farmers. Analyse the importance of establishing a corporation by top level executives of various banks in , acting as a “one-stop shop” for all welfare and empowerment activities of farmers.
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